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Fast Flying. Fast Action. Lots of shells. This is Kansas dove hunting. We hunt doves the whole season at waterholes, feed fields, and pass shooting. I can think of nothing more thrilling than an early morning hunt with hundreds of dove flying by.  

Mourning doves have become the most popular game bird in the country. More shells are expended during the opening weekend of dove season then are expended during the entire upland game season. It is not only a challenging and exciting hunt but more importantly, it marks the opening of the hunting season. These birds offer the most challenging shooting experience you will find anywhere hands down.

Seasoned shooters will only hit 50% of the birds they shoot at, whether they want to admit it or not. This is especially true later in the season when these birds have been dodging lead through most of their migration. They can do a dance on the air that will leave your head spinning.

If you love being out in the dove fields in September with friends and family then by all means please come and join us. We’ll save you a great spot.

Cost is $200 per day 2 hunter minimum or $150 per day 4 hunter minimum (Morning and afternoon hunt)